1. Disaster Prevention Wireless Device Possible to alternate to a mobile master station.
  2. Connect to over 1000 people with one device.
  3. Rugged, waterproof and dustproof.
  4. High precision internal GPS.
  5. Possible to communicate with 2 types of wireless LAN
  6. Can be used with either a rechargeable battery or AA battery pack.

In a break from conventional radio systems,
a completely new radio over IP handset has been released.

Transmission is possible anywhere in the
world where a data connection is available.

  1. Boasts the best response in the field.
  2. Can simultaneously broadcast to
    multiple devices to save time and lives.
  3. The technology has been examined
    by a major radio systems manufacturer.
  4. Server stability.
    The servers have never gone down in the 2 years and 7 months since entering production.
  5. Includes the ability to track resources in real-time via GPS.

Differences between a cell phone and the Cosmo Talk C250TR

A cell phone can only be used for one-to-one communication, but the Cosmo Talk C250TR can beused for simultaneous one-to-one, group, and one-to-many communications between more than 1000 people.

When used as an IP device, users can reply with their PC or smartphones

The C250TR is a small IP communication device,
perfect for disaster prevention.

    • Secure server management established by duplication

      • Each server is placed in a completely different regional data center.

    • Each server is placed in a completely different regional data center.

      • Has the capacity to easily deal with a sudden increase in data.
      • Better stability of calls in comparison to the competitor.

    • Waterproof Standard: IP×7

      (The necessary functions for a disaster prevention wireless device)

  1. Can access to 2types of communication networks

    • 3G
    Wireless LAN

  2. Internal GPS receiver
  3. Long battery life

    • The standard battery provides 12hours of standby battery life.

    Even if the battery runs out, the handset can be powered by an AA battery pack for hours of worry-free usage.

  4. Small and lightweight, just 230 grams.


Specifications Networking Communication GSM,3G / WCDMA / WirelessLAN (2.4GHz / 5.2GHz)
800MHz / 2100MHz
speed (max)
HSUPA uplink up to 5.76 Mbps
HSDPA downlink up to 7.2 Mbps
Battery Battery Pack
Standby : 85 mA
Communication : MAX300 mA
Maximum instantaneous power : 500mA
Speaker output×1 : 0.5W(16Ω)
GPS Frequency Reception : L1(1575.42MHz)
Channels : 66
Sensitivity : -160 dBm Precision : 15m S/A off
Size 58×105×26.4mm
Weight Main body 230g

You are you have the PC, leading to the smartphone

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

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